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pond Supplies & Maintenance

Washinton Elevator Carries everything you need to maintain your property and that includes ponds and water features!

WE Carry The Following Products & Supplies:

Algae Control

Weed Control

Fish Care

our pond experts can help you find the products and supplies you need to maintain your pond!

Enhance the well-being of your aquatic inhabitants with a diverse range of fish care products. Explore options to create safe havens for smaller fish, fostering their growth, or to establish ideal spawning environments for larger gamefish.

Algae in ponds and lakes thrive under the influence of temperature, nutrient abundance, and sunlight. These unwelcome green invaders lack a defined root system. Using algae control products that control algae is essential for maintaining a clear and healthy pond, preventing overgrowth that can harm aquatic life and water quality. These products help create a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing pond environment.

Employing weed control products is crucial for managing the growth of unwanted aquatic plants in your pond, ensuring a more balanced and visually appealing aquatic ecosystem while preventing issues like overcrowding and oxygen depletion. These products help maintain the health and aesthetics of your pond.

Combat common pond nuisances with our algae and weed control solutions

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