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Bird Seed

Washington Elevator proudly blends our own unique bird seeds!

Capitol Blend Bird Seed

Cracked corn, milo, millet, wheat and sunflower seeds.

The perfect blend for the bird lover on a budget. Will attract a wide variety of diffrent types of birds. From Chickadess to Blue Jays. A little bit of everything for everyone!


Premium Bird Seed

Milo, millet, wheat and sunflower seeds.

A step up from our Capitol Brand our Premium bird seed removes the mess by removing the cracked corn and focuses on attracting more colorful birds like Blue Jays and Cardinals.

Supreme Bird Seed

Peanuts, safflower, milo, wheat and sunflower seeds.

Our top end bird seed blend takes the focused attraction of our Premium blend and adds the much loved safflower and peanuts to attract doves, finches and woodpeckers.


Shell Free Mix

Sunflower hearts, peanuts and raisins.

Our shell free mix is the ultimate mess and time saver. It takes the unuversally popular sunflower hearts and adds them to larger birds favorite, peanut halves, with a dash of raisins for the fruit loving avians.